Princeton Data Source was founded in 1999 to provide the best telephone interviewing in the nation. A group of the nation’s top survey research professionals: Andrew Kohut, Diane Colasanto, Larry Hugick, Mary McIntosh and Evans Witt were the driving force behind the company’s creation. Initially, PDS was located in Fredericksburg, VA.

With an unrivaled dedication to excellence and careful attention to detail, PDS has conducted 1.7 million interviews on the biggest issues facing the nation. The results of PDS surveys are quoted, cited and mentioned in the nation’s top newspapers, television shows, radio broadcasts and web sites. PDS has led the way in innovation and adaptation as the rise of cell phones has changed the face of telephone interviewing.

In 2003, PDS was purchased by Hugick, McIntosh and Witt to continue the company’s traditions of excellence. Hugick passed away in 2013. McIntosh and Witt remain the principals and owners of PDS.

PDS conducts interviews for clients across the country and the world. Many of its clients come to PDS via its sister company Princeton Survey Research Associates International, LLC.