Princeton Data Source provides superior data reporting and detailed methodological information, allowing in-depth and sophisticated examinations of the populations each client wants to review. To meet client needs, data deliveries are made on the client's schedule, not on PDS' schedule.

During the project field, PDS makes developing survey data available to clients via a client portal, marginals and interim reports. Final data can be provided in a cleaned, unweighted dataset, or PDS can provide weighting services to take into account known probabilities involving the sampling process or known variations in the non-response among groups. Deliverables options include raw data files (delimited, Excel, SPSS); crosstabs (all variables cross-tabulated by client-defined groups); and descriptive statistics (frequencies, percentages, means, standard deviation, statistical testing between groups).

PDS also is able to provide any other resource a client might find helpful—from recordings of every call, to lists of every number in a sample, PDS is ready to deliver. On a project-by-project basis, PDS can provide additional custom data reports. From straightforward toplines and banners to elegant analyses of the public's opinion, PDS offers a full range of analysis and reporting services.