By employing methodologically sound procedures, PDS produces reliable, scientifically valid results. Interviewers conduct surveys by both telephone and the web. Careful testing over combined decades of experience has developed best practices that achieve high response rates in both.

Telephone Surveys

PDS is at the forefront of the changing landscape of the telephone research industry. Laws regarding cell phone interviewing changed, and PDS adapted quickly—converting all interviewing stations to be enabled for both dialer-based landline calling and hand-dialed cell phone interviewing. When statistics showed an increasing number of Americans abandoning landline phones, PDS aimed to provide higher cell-phone production. As the proportion of Spanish-speaking Americans has increased, so has PDS increased its bilingual interviewing staff. By adapting to the changing social science landscape, PDS ensures that its research remains statistically sound and able to help its clients achieve projectable, reliable results using telephone interviewing.

Web Surveys

Data collection via the web can be efficient and effective, especially for surveys of groups whose members are identified and who have convenient Internet access. PDS offers various methods for these projects, depending on each client’s needs and study objectives. Initial contact can be made via email, text, phone or even traditional mail; the respondent may then complete the survey with the interviewer or perhaps through a unique link emailed on the spot. Customization enables PDS to ensure that its clients achieve the project they envision while also receiving high-quality data and high productivity as the end result.

Multi-mode Surveys

Some studies are best served by multi-mode data collection—for example, conducting an initial qualifying survey over the phone and then further questions via the web. For these projects, PDS’ web, texting and email capabilities provide convenience to respondents, thereby facilitating an increased response rate for the client.