Reliably accurate data is the result of sound methodologies, industry best practices and PDS’ commitment to quality.

For every project, PDS first works to understand the client's sample and questionnaire designs, as these affect the data collection process. To meet each client's needs precisely, PDS then maps out the project specifications, including sample sizes, callback designs, question rotation and randomization and the timing of sample release. PDS understands every detail of the project design before the first call is ever made—that is fundamental to delivering a high-quality product that meets the client's expectations.

Each project at PDS can be completed using a variety of dialing methods. For general public surveys using RDD samples, the Quancept dialer provides an efficient means of weeding through disconnected and non-working numbers to find live respondents. PDS also conducts projects from listed sample, for studies in which finding identified respondents is paramount.

PDS uses the SPSS-MR Quancept software to program, execute and monitor all projects. Each questionnaire is programmed into Quancept and then exhaustively checked for accuracy. Automatic testing and thorough, repeated manual tests are conducted.

A pretest also can be included. In this trial version before the study goes live, a select group of interviewers dials the questionnaire using a small batch of sample. The interviewers and PDS staff offer feedback, and the data from pretest surveys is reviewed. The pretest study provides further testing but also gives clients the opportunity to identify—either via live-monitoring or via recordings—any changes that need to be made before going live. The pretest also confirms that the length of interview or of individual modules is on track.

Once a project is live, quality control measures continue. At the close of interviewing each day, all open-end responses are edited for accuracy. Daily reports of productivity are generated for each project. The next day's workload and staffing are then tailored based on these measures.

PDS has the skills and flexibility to execute a variety of sample, questionnaire and research methodologies, depending on project objectives and budget.