PDS quality standards are exceptionally high and are ingrained in interviewers from Day 1. All PDS interviewers sign pledges affirming the most important quality standards and the consequences for not adhering to them. Interviewers are frequently monitored and then mentored and coached on the results. Retraining occurs continuously to reiterate important concepts or to explain new ones.

Calls are monitored extensively by staff who are trained to require quality far above industry standard. PDS employs a staff of Quality Assurance Monitors who monitor, mentor and coach full-time. In addition, supervisors are required to spend 15% of their time engaged in monitoring.

In keeping with its commitment to quality and interviewer accountability, PDS has the capability to record calls and interviews, where allowed by law. This allows PDS staff to focus intensive monitoring on a given interviewer, a specific project or a specific work shift. This also enables PDS to provide recordings to clients who wish to observe first-hand how a survey or even just one particular question is working. Clients also are welcome to participate in live-monitoring.

PDS staff stress to interviewers that, while productivity is important, a statistically invalid survey only hurts the project. PDS stresses quality over all else.